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 nesting nutrition

Give your feeding birds the best possible nesting nutrition with Nesting SuperBlend™. This is a high-protein blend with added calcium specifically created for birds’ nesting and molting needs. Providing the nutrients needed during this high activity time, it is the perfect blend for adult birds preparing to nest, as well as for the young when they begin to fledge from their nests.

It is essential that female birds receive a sufficient amount of protein and calcium in their diet. The amount of protein and calcium intake helps determine the number of eggs she can produce, which positively impacts the growth rate and health of her young birds.

Young birds also need calcium, protein and fat among other nutrients while growing to promote the formation of bone production. Calcium is the most challenging mineral for birds because they need a lot of it. Many natural foods are often calcium deficient, but the added calcium in our Nesting SuperBlend helps fulfill this need.

High-protein content is also crucial for muscle and feather development as nestlings grow. Protein requirements are highest for a bird until they reach their adult size and weight.

After nesting, this high-protein blend supports birds’ feather health. Young birds are still growing out their feathers and adult birds are starting to molt all their feathers. Feathers are made up of over 90% protein, which means a high-protein diet is a essential throughout summer for our lovely backyard visitors.

Make raising bird families in your backyard a full success with enhanced nutritional value found in our Nesting SuperBlend.

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